expression Required.  Remarks. You will need to use functions from the Win-32 API. An expression that returns one of the above objects. There's no property within the VBA object model that will give you the screen dimensions. You can use the Declare …

You can use the Height property (along with the Width property) to size an object to specific dimensions. This is to place forms in the right place and covering the whole screen. *@c.d> wrote in message news:ev***** How do I know the width and the height of the access screen? @Scott, if i make form using smaller size than when it will come to large screen they will have to scroll down , which here in my case of user it not efficient as they will be adding, editing and viewing a lot of record based on which data analysis will be carried out so it's really hard to … This tutorial describes several ways a program can handle different screen resolutions.

Read/write Integer for all objects in the Applies To list except for the Report object, which is a read/write Long.. expression.Height. I would like it to fit comfortably within the screen size rather than application as I intend to reduce excel when the user form is initialised. Nigel "bebelino"

Re: vba to automatically resize user form depending on screen resolution. You position every control exactly to achieve the perfect visual effect. When the user open window in the big screen of monitor or change the screen resolution the frame of the Navigation Form or Sub-Form will not expand. Then you distribute the program and your customers run it on a screen with 640 x 480 pixels. the screen, then open its property sheet and check the Width and Height properties. Hi Grimes0332, Thanks. It will stay the same width and height. After all, the object model used by an Office application isn't dealing with the "screen" (the entire area available on the monitor)-- it's dealing with some window ON the screen. As technology has advanced, screen resolution continues to grow making existing forms no longer acceptable to work with. thanks.--bebelino MS Access MS Access Forms MS Access VBA Programming 2 Comments Here’s another question we see ever so often in the discussion forums. How to Make a Navigation Form or Sub-Form to fit on a various screen Setting By default, the Navigation Form or SubForm will display on the screen with the width and height from the user setting. RE: Determine the Access application Window height Golom (Programmer) 24 May 08 11:18 The problem was that the Screen object that I used was the VB screen object. Size Forms to Fit the Screen. Suppose you carefully craft a form sized to fit your screen.